The Clúster

ACUIPLUS is a group of people, companies and entities related to the Aquaculture sector who promote competitiveness and sustainability of the providers’ value chain, including services and products, and encouraging commercial, researching, innovation and sustainability process. For this, ACUIPLUS develops individual and collective success strategies for members, helping them to further national and internationally.

Advantages of being part



You will be provided with business management tools; we promote innovative strategies’ implementation and technology improving for companies.

Networking and research

You will be encouraged to cooperate with entities in and out the cluster. We create inner network that enable the generation of researching projects


You will be instigated to continue training on technology, commercial, management and production areas acquiring the abilities needed to undertake new sector’s professional requirements.


You will be promoted on the region throughout improving the trademark image. We take marketing promotional actions and enable the dialogue between Industry, scientific community and public administration

Mission & values

Cluster’s mission is to contribute to the aquaculture’s value chain impulse through collaboration of relevant actors, generation of knowledge and creating added value, based on innovation, sustainability and competitiveness.

ACUIPLUS promotes ACUIPLUS promotes the values of transparency, cooperation, commitment, trust and all those values that make sustainability and well-being possible as a part of the economic growth.


We are committed to satisfy our partner’s needs by the use of our quality services. People above Organizations.

Creativity and innovation

We identify challenges as opportunities for our partners, either by identifying new markets, business opportunities or new ways of achieving technical and production development.


You will be working on a positive teamwork environment for sharing ideas, solving problems, and compromising for each member success.


We work to strength professional and business relationships based on confidence and transparency

Productivity and quality

We work to strength professional and business relationships based on confidence and transparency

Strategic axis & challenges 2018-2021

Clusters meet companies and relevant actors within a sector which collaborate and cooperate in order to achieve common goals and development. Thus, Acuiplus reinforces actions of networking. It works in both sense (inn and out) in means of strengthening members cooperation links and external outreach taking the advantage of being part of the cluster. This links and contacts creation labour is related to communication on all the aspects, emphasizing lately digital communication tools as they got especial relevance.

This axis is based on the collective effort, believing that innovation develops at individual level but is multiplied across interaction and collaboration between complementary actors. Acuiplus works as platform since where partners can identify strategic areas where their collective work could generate a better results and extra value. Thus, Knowledge management is the key. To share and release knowledge creates the opportunity to promote new ideas to further innovation. As well as a continue training turns into a need in a constant evolution world where new realities and necessities are changing all the time.

This is a transverse axis. In order to achieve the goals, the cluster management has to be based on transparency and participation of partner members. The quality management will create confidence between members for further collective progress. Sustainability is also a transverse axis, in both economic and environmental aspects. Acuiplus stands up for new development strategies as Green Economy and Blue Growth which consider Sustainability as part of Economic Growth.

Acuiplus opt for a sustainable aquaculture and so it’s showed across our Strategic Plan 2018-2022 and the activities its develops

Acuiplus identifies the challenges to go throw and work for our sector’s sustainability. Thus, on the 15th of March, during one-day reflection and discussion’s seminar on the challenges the Spanish aquaculture’s sector has to tackle, 4 big challenges have been emerged:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainability & Innovation,
  • Knowledge management
  • Communication

As a guide, Acuiplus suggests a Decalogue for a Sustainable Aquaculture

  1. Opt for Training at all levels and to attract human capital
  2. Move forward across the innovation and researching
  3. Improve knowledge management and transfer
  4. Strengthen value chain actor’s collaboration
  5. Set up sustainability as sector’s central priority
  6. Participate on sector’s regulation and policies with public institutions.
  7. Strengthen entrepreneurship as source of innovation
  8. Improve efficiency to achieve sector’s growth
  9. Move ahead with the sector’s internalization
  10. Working together on communication