Conclusions about our Conference on Animal Welfare in Aquaculture 2019

Last 17th of January we celebrated in Murcia the Conference on Animal Welfare in Aquaculture, a session in which we were able to work on one of the aspects of greatest concern for the sector. But in addition to serving as a space for transmitting knowledge, it was the perfect opportunity to gather around 50 attendees, among whom were many of our partners but also a large number of professionals from the technological, business and commercial sectors, in the that the program of the day generated a great expectation.

And the day was not for less, since we had a cast of speakers whose professional career endorses the quality of the topics worked.

Our first table, led by Don Santiago Cabaleiro, Director of the Technological Center of the Cluster of Aquaculture – CETGA, dealt with the challenges facing animal welfare today. Throughout this session, Mrs. Ana Roque, Researcher in Animal Welfare of the Institut de Recerca I Agroalimentary Technology (IRTA) and researcher of the Thematic Network on Fish Wellbeing and Stress at the UAB, talked about the importance of research on welfare of fish and how aquaculture is a determining factor in their well-being, defining the critical points along the different phases of the crop.

Then, Tomás Fernández Vizcaino, ADS President of the aquaculture sector of the Region of Murcia, continued to provide more details on the needs and challenges of monitoring and control of the health of species of aquaculture interest. To end this table, our partner Mr. Albert Girons, Director of ICTIOVET, delved into the basic principles that condition the health and welfare of fish, and how the monitoring of these conditions and the control of animal welfare translates into an increase in your productivity.

The day continued to investigate the application of technologies along the value chain of aquaculture. For this session we had the pleasure of having our partners Joana Firmino, from TECNOVIT – FARMFAES, Carlos Rodriguez, from CENAVISA; with Jordi Comas, from DELTA AQUA REDES-MORENOT; and with Héctor Martín, from SMALLE TECHNOLOGIES, who energized this table with their experiences and proposals.

The day lasted until late afternoon, which closed with a networking time in which attendees could get to know a little more thoroughly and comment on those topics that were of most interest.

Thank you all for your collaboration and participation. Let’s continue working together to strengthen aquaculture and the transmission of knowledge!